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Virtek Vision International ULC – Virtual Patent Marking

The following Virtek Vision International ULC products are protected by patents in the U.S. and in other jurisdictions of the world. This website is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a)*(2012) and the America Invents Act (“AIA”), as well as for other various jurisdictions of the world.

The following list of products may not be all-inclusive, and other products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents. Additional patents are pending in the United States and other international territories.

Product Patents
LPS-7, Locator 10,157,458; 9,245,062; 9,200,899; 7,832,875; 7,385,180;   7,244,029; and other U.S. and foreign patents pending.
VPS1, LPS-10 10,157,458; 10,052,734; 9,245,062; 9,200,899; 7,385,180;  and other U.S. and foreign patents pending.

*35 U.S.C § 287(a) Patentees, and persons making, offering for sale, or selling within the United States any patented article for or under them, or importing any patented article into the United States, may give notice to the public that the same is patented, either by fixing thereon the word “patent” or the abbreviation “pat.”, together with the number of the patent, or by fixing thereon the word “patent” or the abbreviation “pat.” together with an address of a posting on the Internet, accessible to the public without charge for accessing the address, that associates the patented article with the number of the patent, or when, from the character of the article, this can not be done, by fixing to it, or to the package wherein one or more of them is contained, a label containing a like notice. In the event of failure so to mark, no damages shall be recovered by the patentee in any action for infringement, except on proof that the infringer was notified of the infringement and continued to infringe thereafter, in which event damages may be recovered only for infringement occurring after such notice. Filing of an action for infringement shall constitute such notice.


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